A string of shattering experiences results in Tara, putting her ambitions aside to marry her college sweetheart at twenty-five. She wakes up as a wife, numbingly empty, but for the next nine years convinces herself: marriage is about compromising. Meeting Aadi, a married man seven years younger,  tears her identity and secure world apart. It’s impossible to restore the equilibrium, so she takes a staggering leap of faith into the terrifying void. Socially isolated, Tara must inch through pitch darkness for her six-year old daughter’s sake, relying only on her inner voice, till she meets her spiritual teacher.

Her inner demons of guilt, shame and fear, obstruct her way every time she needs to make a daunting choice. What will it take to bloom into the lotus of her true self? Can she find love and fulfillment while staying true to the woman she has become––not losing herself once again to the roles of wife, mother and daughter?

Tara’s poignant poetry woven into her fiercely frank narrative, takes you along the dramatic twists and turns of her inner and outer journey.

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