In my experience (both as a client seeking support and as a professional providing support), there is nothing quite as important in your counseling journey as this first step — doing your research and exploring your options before finally deciding who it is you want to share your most vulnerable, intimate feelings & experiences with, especially when it comes to something as important and sensitive as your marriage.

It takes a lot of courage to trust and talk to a complete stranger about our deepest fears and issues. And I want to support you by sharing why I maybe the right counselor/ therapist for you:

Who I am and How This Helps Clients

I am an experienced, certified Marriage & Relationship Counselor and Couples Therapist based in Gurgaon and I have been in this field since 2014 — but  here’s something that may come as a surprise — I see myself first and foremost as an ardent Mindfulness & Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner.  In fact, I believe that it is my longstanding personal practice of over twenty years which has most shaped me as a Counselor & Therapist (perhaps even more than my formal training in Counseling!)

Let me explain how my personal practice directly helps clients—

It has been firmly established by various studies that the therapeutic alliance, or relationship you have with your therapist, is one of the most important predictors of successful therapy or counseling—regardless of the specific form or techniques used in therapy. And this is where my unique strength lies— being on the path of Mindfulness & Ashtanga Yoga (with it’s emphasis on the Yamas & Niyamas of personal conduct), I am trained to be aware of my personal thoughts, beliefs and emotions and any biases that may get in the way of my work and interactions with others.

This allows me to relate to my clients with genuine respect and care, listening deeply, compassionately and without judgement— the key ingredients for a strong therapeutic alliance. This is especially critical since my work involves Couples Counseling wherein I work individually and together with both partners, and have to stay objective and neutral.

In addition,  I have worked in the corporate sector for over sixteen years, providing research based marketing consultancy for leading brands such as Pepsi, Honda, Gillette. My last full-time position was as Executive Director which I left in 2014 to setup Dhyana Life and follow my real passion. My professional training in the field of Consumer Behaviour & Applied Research, gives me the ability to understand and apply scientific research done in the field of Psychology & Neuroscience in a way that is beneficial for my clients.

My approach to Counseling & Therapy is a balanced integration of my logical, research skills and my intuitive, mindfulness practice—personalized and tailored for the needs of each individual client.

Why I am in this Field 

Having been a first row witness of how shattering domestic violence and narcissistic parenting can be for a child, and how such a child can grow up with a vulnerable attachment disorder, attracting unhealthy romantic partners — I feel strongly about helping restore harmony in families and help build a nurturing family dynamic for children and everyone involved.

Happiness, peace and wellbeing begin at home, and Dhyana Life is my small way of spreading more peace and happiness in our world—by sharing how emotional intelligence & mindfulness can be applied to build close relationships, a fulfilling marriage and a loving family.

My Professional Qualifications & Relevant Training

I have a recognized International Graduate Diploma in Counseling Skills (IGDCS) and been trained in Carl Roger’s Person- Centered Therapy.

Additionally, I have formally and informally trained in several other disciplines since 2004 which contribute to my skill and expertise as a Counselor, giving me a first-hand understanding of the psyche and how we can work with our emotions and beliefs to overcome limiting patterns.

  • I am a practitioner of Classical Ashtanga Yoga with it’s emphasis on a mindful, non-violent, honest way of life, am a Certified Yoga Teacher from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerela and a student of Yoga Physiology and Anatomy.
  • I am a Trained practitioner of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘Non-Violent Communication (NVC): A Language of Love’ which I encountered in 2009 — a turning point in my life and for my relationships. I integrate Mindfulness with NVC in my Heartfelt Communication programs for individuals and couples.
  • I have been formally initiated into Meditation and have been a regular meditator since 2004. Over the years I have learnt several techniques of meditation such as Vipassana which I have incorporated into my personal practice.
  • I am a student of Existential Philosophy & Psychology— Yoga Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy among others
  • I continue to research, study and apply proven, research-based psychotherapy techniques in my work— such as the Gottman Method for Couples’ Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples etc.

I am also extensively trained across the mind-body spectrum of alternative healing modalities such as Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Theta Healing, SRT, Bach Flower Therapy, Crystal Healing, Rebirthing—although, I no longer practice / provide alternate healing since I found Ashtanga Yoga to be a holistic, safer and more effective system of inner and outer healing.

My Personal Life Experience & Why It Matters 

Empathy is considered one of the most essential characteristics of a good counselor — it helps clients feel deeply understood and encourages them to open up without worry about being judged. While I have been an empath since I was a toddler—apparently on my first day of Pre-Nursery, sensing my mother’s sadness I told her “don’t worry, I’ll be back with you soon!”— I have gone through a lot of strife and upheaval in all areas of my life which helps me relate to the difficult experiences of my clients.

To give you an idea— I have had narcissistic parents, faced emotional and sexual abuse, had an abortion prior to marriage, been in a co-dependent, unhappy marriage; I have been laid off, been divorced, been in a wheel-chair unsure if I would ever walk again; I have experienced claustrophobia, severe anxiety and panic attacks and have had to start from scratch financially more than once. You can read my personal story (which sounds right out of movie!) in my memoir ‘Why The Lotus Blooms : Choosing To Stand Tall‘. Download the first three chapters free here.

My intention as a Counselor & Therapist is to provide heartfelt support to others going through experiences similar to mine, partnering with them in their journey to re-build happier, healthier relationships with their loved ones and with themselves.

How To Assess Whether I am the Right Fit For You

My counseling style is focused on creating supportive, encouraging conditions for allowing clients to safely sort through their emotional confusion and conflicts,  gradually arriving at their own unique answers. If you are confused about which way to go, I don’t tell you what you should do either as a couple or as an individual, rather I allow you to figure out what you truly want to do with my professional support.

Once you are sure of your chosen direction, I help you systematically and mindfully move in that direction by coaching you in appropriate, tried and tested tools drawn from the fields of Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga.

I believe in working with a few select clients at a time — so that I can fully support them in their journey. Therefore, ensuring the right fit is equally important to me too. If from what you have read, you believe I may be the right person for you, Contact Me to schedule a free 10 minute chat where we can better gauge our fit.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your family all the best.