7 Easy Ways to Rekindle Romance


Guest post by my husband, Aadi Anand

With our super-busy lifestyles, it is becoming more and more essential to find small ways of showing our partners that we care. We don’t need elaborate strategies or a special day to do something that will make them smile (and limiting your loving gestures to that can begin to sound like an excuse). Here are some very simple ways of delighting your partner. Once you get in the habit, you’ll start to find your own personalized ideas for ways to show your love.

1. Leave a love note

All you need for this is a sticky pad, a pen, and your heart. Express your love in simple words and leave these sticky notes in places that you know your partner frequents. Mine was surprised to find a trail of notes one morning—on the bathroom mirror, inside her cupboard door, and on the fridge.

2. Relive a happy moment

My wife once told me about a movie that had made a big impact on her while growing up. With a quick search online, I was able to get the movie ready for viewing within 15 minutes. This is a great way to show someone that you listen, you care, and you want to share the things that are important to them.

3. Make a playlist

After hearing my wife sing a few tunes from her school days, I quietly downloaded a few albums to her phone. What joy she showed when she chanced upon dozens of these nostalgic hits, readily available on her phone.

4. Nest and nurture

One day, when I knew my wife wasn’t feeling too well, I suggested she take a nap. But before she did, I spread a blanket for her, parted the curtain so the sun trickled in just the way she likes it, propped her pillow up with some cushions, put her latest book on the bed, a bottle of water on her side table, and prepared a diffuser with some calming lavender essential oil.

5. Order their favorite dessert

My wife was craving a particular lemon-lavender cake from a certain café but was too tired to step out. I got a big hug half an hour later when I served a slice to her—having ordered delivery from the restaurant without her knowledge.

6. Give a short massage (without being asked)

Even just two minutes of hand, foot, or shoulder rubbing can make someone feel loved and appreciated. Physical touch of any kind also stimulates endorphin release, meaning this simple act will actually make you feel closer.

7. Set aside “interruption-free” time to talk and cuddle

Make sure your partner is sitting when you say, “If this is a good time for you, I’d like to dedicate the next half an hour talking and cuddling, darling,” because they’ll probably feel giddy and, depending how long it’s been since you had quality time, might even swoon.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to make your partner feel cared for—pay attention and get creative. It’s fun. And there’s no more meaningful investment you can make.

(Published in MindBodyGreen in April 2017)

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