Tears … a poem

I love my tears. I embrace my tears. I celebrate my tears. My tears help me flow with life and grow …

Tears can be happy

Tears can be sad

They can be painful

They can be glad.


Tears can be silent

Tears can be dry

They can be shed

or just be denied.


Tears can release

Tears can uplift

But when held back

… they get toxic.


The thicker the wall

not letting them flow

the stronger our past

has us in control.


Yes, tears take courage

to dive in the sea –

as waves of emotion

surge threateningly.


But once the storm

has come to pass,

what looked half-empty

may seem a (half -) full glass


Tears flow carrying

the pain of our hearts

healing, repairing

our broken parts


Tears are a channel

meant to be used

to cope and endure

life’s myriad hues


So next time you feel

a tear sting your eye,

let go—do allow

yourself a good cry!


© Tara Anand

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