Why the Lotus Blooms … a poem

The lotus flower is very precious to me … not just physically but for what it represents to my spirit. Whenever I find myself discouraged by the apparent challenges of life, the lotus flower comes to my rescue – she inspires me to be my best and gives me hope that I too can blossom like her, while staying rooted to our ‘muddy’ everyday world. I do believe the lotus flower is a blessing for us all …

The seed was released;
alone herself she found;
Pitch heavy darkness 
weighed down all around.

“Where, what, why …?”
—bewildered, she cried.

After a short while, 
gathering herself, she sighed

“There must be a purpose
to my being here
I have to believe –
in time it will be clear”

Trembling all the while,
—emerging from her shell,
she sent her roots down 
to anchor in the bed.

Groping in dull waters,
she looked around confused –
relieved to see above her
a golden beam diffused.

Reaching for the shimmer,
she extended herself up,
trudging through the mire 
without the slightest fuss.

She rose to the surface
—by now a reticent bud
savouring the air,
stood tall above the mud.

Warm rays embraced her
and lovingly kissed her face;
She had made her way home 
… with splendour & grace

Her joyous petals whispered …
“inspire them, tell your story”
so laying bare her heart …

she bloomed … in all her glory.

© Tara Anand

(Note: This poem was written several years ago in my former name, Charu Agarwal, so the poster made at the time carries my earlier name—was too lazy to update it!)