My Inner Child … a poem

Embracing and re-parenting my inner child has been a deeply moving, healing and rewarding experience for me…

Sitting in a corner
Huddled in the dark
I found her sobbing
in anguish stark;

A child was she
Not more than six
Her broken heart
I longed to fix.

Approaching her gently
I knelt, sat down;
But instead of smiling
Looking up, she frowned.

“What do you want?
Go away,” she said
Her moist eyes glared
A fiery-red.

“I’m here for you
your confidante
you can trust me.”
“No, I possibly can’t…

… I’ve been let down
Hurt, shamed, betrayed
I feel worthless
Unloved, disgraced…

… Where were you when
they gave me pain
Misunderstood me
Poured all the blame?”

“Asleep,” said I
“unsure and lost
till the guide within
revealed true north…

… It’s been a long way
Till finally today
Behind an old door
I saw you there.

Look closely in
my eyes, you’ll see:
A grown-up version
Of yourself — it’s me!”

Hearing this, she
hugged me tight
she sobbed and sobbed
till her heart was light.

Since then, she laughs
and plays in the sun
feels safe and loved
Knowing we are one.

© Tara Anand

(Also published in Rebelle


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