My Expertise Lies in Helping Couples & Individuals …

Repair & Nurture an Intimate Relationship

Rekindle the spark in your marriage or grow closer to a new partner by learning the skills of Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Communication

Decide Whether to Stay or Break-up

Cut through the confusion about your relationship by listening to your inner wisdom & feel clear & confident about your relationship choice

Recover From a Break-up or Divorce

Gently process damaging emotions like guilt, shame, anger & feelings of failure so you can move forward with ease & be open to love

Integrate Families with Step-Children / Parents

Manage inter-personal conflict within a blended family with children from an earlier marriage

Adapt To A New Stressful Stage of Life

Transition into marriage, becoming a parent, getting separated or divorced, remarried or bereaved

Overcome Codependent Relationship Patterns

Unlearn past unhealthy emotional habits, nurture self-love & self-respect for a happier marriage

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Respect. Seems to be a common enough concept, doesn’t it? You probably already know it’s a fundamental prerequisite for a healthy, loving relationship. But perhaps what may come as a surprise is that it is possible for an intelligent, independent woman to be in a damaging relationship for years without realizing she is being disrespected …

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7 Easy Ways to Rekindle Romance

  Guest post by my husband, Aadi Anand With our super-busy lifestyles, it is becoming more and more essential to find small ways of showing our partners that we care. We don’t need elaborate strategies or a special day to do something that will make them smile (and limiting your loving gestures to that can …

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Chetna Bhaskar
Chetna BhaskarHead Marketing Communication , Zivame

My life had fallen apart and nothing made me feel better than my two sessions with Tara. She has a way of connecting with you, the calm in her voice, her mellow tone, make you feel at home & at ease. Tara made me see things with a certain perspective— I could come to terms with my divorce & move on with a lighter heart

Anjena Raghuram
Anjena RaghuramSpecial Educator, Chrysalis High Horamavu

Tara has been a mentor to me for a decade—she's always been there like a mother hen. She gave me self-belief to wait for the right partner & the courage to change my profession from a BPO to my true passion. Something she said once has stayed with me "no matter what you do make sure it takes you to your ultimate goal."

Priya N (Name Changed)
Priya N (Name Changed)Assistant Manager, Product Development

My sessions with Tara brought back peace, clarity & self-love in my life when I was going through a phase of self-doubt, guilt & sadness. She connected with me on a personal level and helped me let go & cleanse a lot of negative emotions so I could see clearly what I wanted to do. I'm glad I found you Tara!

Lucie Sindelkova
Lucie SindelkovaEntrepreneur & Graphic Designer

After every session with Tara, I feel lighter — I feel that another stone has dropped down from my heart, another layer has been removed and I am getting closer to my true self. A lovely human being and a superb coach, Tara has the ability to induce positive transformation in a very short duration.

Dipti. S (Name Changed)
Dipti. S (Name Changed)Chief Financial Officer, MNC

My heart was broken and filled with pain, hurt and self-pity. I was stuck, nothing I tried was working as the emotional setbacks my heart had borne were too traumatic. They haunted me especially in the nights – I had even lost sleep. Tara’s work is based in true inspiration drawn from her own life journey. It’s pure as her presence, she poured compassion like a healing balm over my aching heart and gave me courage and self conviction to want to get up and start walking again in life. She was there for me whenever I needed her.

Priti Sagar
Priti SagarEntrepreneur, Film Production

Tara gave me the conviction to find love again. I was carrying a box full of worms since my childhood. Its stench affected me in ways I couldn't comprehend –affecting the way I dealt with people and situations. Tara was non-judgmental, a patient listener, and more importantly didn't come across as a counsellor just out a Hollywood movie! After more than 30 years, I finally, encountered the monster of the sexual abuse I faced during childhood which had affected my first marriage. Thank you Tara, for hand holding me through this.

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An honest, intimate account of my own journey from narcissistic relationships to building a partnership based on true love