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Chetna Bhaskar
Chetna BhaskarHead Marketing Communication , Zivame

My life had fallen apart and nothing made me feel better than my two sessions with Tara. She has a way of connecting with you, the calm in her voice, her mellow tone, make you feel at home & at ease. Tara made me see things with a certain perspective— I could come to terms with my divorce & move on with a lighter heart

Anjena Raghuram
Anjena RaghuramSpecial Educator, Chrysalis High Horamavu

Tara has been a mentor to me for a decade—she's always been there like a mother hen. She gave me self-belief to wait for the right partner & the courage to change my profession from a BPO to my true passion. Something she said once has stayed with me "no matter what you do make sure it takes you to your ultimate goal."

Priya N (Name Changed)Assistant Manager, Product Development

My sessions with Tara brought back peace, clarity & self-love in my life when I was going through a phase of self-doubt, guilt & sadness. She connected with me on a personal level and helped me let go & cleanse a lot of negative emotions so I could see clearly what I wanted to do. I'm glad I found you Tara!

Lucie Sindelkova
Lucie SindelkovaEntrepreneur & Graphic Designer

After every session with Tara, I feel lighter — I feel that another stone has dropped down from my heart, another layer has been removed and I am getting closer to my true self. A lovely human being and a superb coach, Tara has the ability to induce positive transformation in a very short duration.

My Intention is To Help You Connect To Your Inner Wisdom

Outside opinion can make us feel overwhelmed, doubtful, hopeless & anxious and the truth is that nobody can really know your unique personal situation better than you. That's why it's so essential to anchor within. Did you know there is a loving spark of consciousness in you that knows what's best for you?

I Can Help You …

Decide Whether to Stay or Leave

Cut through the confusion about your relationship by listening to your inner wisdom & feel clear & confident about your choice

Recover From a Break-up or Divorce

Gently process damaging emotions like guilt, shame, anger & feelings of failure by widening your perspective & through mind-body therapy

Build Self-Esteem & Confidence

Examine your beliefs & values and move in the direction you truly want to rather than what others say you should

Nurture an Intimate Relationship

Rekindle the spark in your marriage or come together with a new partner using principles of Non-Violent Communication

Manage a Blended Family Dynamic

Gracefully balance the needs of your children, partner & step-children; co-parent with your ex. effectively

Adapt To A New Stage of Your Life

Transition into marriage, motherhood, divorce, becoming an empty nester or getting older


  • One-time Counseling & Coaching Support
  • 1 Deep Dive Session, 75 min
  • Cut through confusion
  • Discover your inner truth
  • Explore all your options objectively

Break Free

  • 6 Week Counseling & Coaching Program
  • YOU GET:
  • 1 Clarity 75 min session
  • 5 Weekly Sessions, 60 min
  • Drop past emotional baggage
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Take positive steps in your chosen direction

Nurture, Rebuild

  • 3 Month Mentoring Program
  • YOU GET:
  • 1 Clarity 75 min session
  • + 10 Weekly Sessions, 60 min
  • + Mid-week catch-up
  • + 1 Inner-Child Healing & Reparenting Session, 90 min
  • + Bonus: Discounts on all events/ workshops
  • Anchor to your inner wisdom
  • Nurture healthy relationships
  • Take charge of your happiness

Keen to Cultivate a Calmer Mind But Not Sure How To Go About It?

I teach 'Dhyana' — a systematic practice in Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Inquiry based on Classical Ashtanga Yoga—it takes only 20 to 30 min. everyday

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